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Eighth Judicial District Court

Tribunal del Octavo Distrito Judicial

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The Juror’s Creed

I am a juror. It is a position of honor that I accept as my solemn duty. 

The right to trial by jury is an inalienable right granted to all citizens by both the United States and New Mexico Constitutions.

The success of the jury system depends upon my accepting this solemn duty and acting with integrity in discharging this responsibility. 

I will listen attentively to the evidence presented, the argument of counsel, and the judge’s instructions.

I will thoughtfully and impartially weigh the issues and render my decision based on the rule of law as given by the judge. I will not allow friendship, sympathy, bias, or prejudice to enter my decision. 

I am aware that my decision is based upon the evidence and testimony that are presented in court and the rule of law as presented by the court.

I will not allow outside influences to color my judgment.

Such outside influences include discussion of the case with anyone who is not on my jury panel; reading or hearing about the case, including but not limited to the newspaper, internet news reports or blogs, radio or television broadcasts, and other people discussing the case within my hearing; or conduct my own research or experiments. 

I realize that the legal procedures that I witness in court were developed over a long period of time to be as fair, equitable, and efficient as possible. 

I understand that these procedures help jurors in keeping an open mind and avoiding outside influences. 

Toward this end, I will work with my fellow jurors in a spirit of tolerance, understanding, and good will to bring the deliberations of the entire jury to a true and honest verdict.